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Dr. Harpreet Sachdev is the founder & CEO of InterPersona Group (IPG), an international Executive Search firm founded more than 20 years ago, specialising in Senior Executive appointments, predominantly at main board level, from Group CEO downwards. Based in London in the UK, Harpreet works globally and has placed senior executives at board level across Europe, Asia and North America. He has been instrumental in building the Executive boards of global IT, Technology, Financial Services & Consulting firms, as well as assisting them in their strategic growth plans through the acquisition of talented senior executives.

Prior to founding IPG, Harpreet was the European Managing Director for a division of a £500m FTSE 250 technology group, running their operations across Europe and parts of Asia and North America.

He was also involved in a Venture Capital funded technology start-up as their first employee, and was instrumental in taking the business from inception through to rapid growth, and a trade sale.

So, unusually for a "Head-Hunter", Harpreet has also sat on the other side of the desk & managed both VC-backed start-up's, and sizeable international companies during his corporate career, and is very aware of the challenges inherent in growing profitable businesses, and the key people needed to make that growth a reality.

This unique perspective allows Harpreet to act as a "sounding board" for senior managers. The cliché "it's lonely at the top" is very true and directors are often unable to discuss sensitive issues within their company. We provide confidential advice on key strategic issues, which may or may not be part of the immediate search assignment, and this consultative approach to our clients' business sets us firmly apart from other search firms. We believe that any search expenditure should be viewed as an investment and we achieve a minimum of a 10-fold Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of revenue generation or capital value creation as a result of the talented people we identify.

Previous roles have included Management & Consulting roles at GEC, a former FTSE 100 technology company, and with a £14 billion FTSE 100 Healthcare & Medical Systems Group.

Harpreet's educational background encompasses both Technology and Business Degrees from top UK universities, including - a BSc in Chemistry, an MSc in Analytical Chemistry, a PhD in Chemical Physics & an MBA in Corporate Strategy.

Harpreet works predominantly at board level on an international basis in 3 sectors:

Although these 3 sectors may seem quite disparate, there is considerable synergy between them, and executives often move between the sectors as well as within them.

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Global Executive Search Solutions

It's not enough to just identify exceptional candidates that are seeking new opportunities. We identify the top 10% of candidates who are the "elite executives" in their sector & invariably NOT actively seeking new opportunities. Working closely with our clients, we present a compelling opportunity that will prise these outstanding individuals from their current role & attract them to our clients. This requires a delicate blend of tact, perseverance, psychology & business-sector knowledge.

This is the unique value that we bring to our clients, allowing us to present not just the best candidates actively seeking new opportunities, but the absolute best candidates in that industry, regardless of whether or not they were originally looking to move prior to our engaging with them.

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On-Boarding & Executive Retention Services

Retention Services Business

A senior-level search is costly & time-consuming. It's hard to find talented individuals, and even harder to prise them out of their current roles. We strongly feel that, to lose them after they've joined, represents a failure of the search process.

So it is critical that the placement proceeds productively, and this is how we judge our success. Not just in recruiting talented individuals, and ensuring they join our clients with a motivated & enthusiastic mindset, but also in ensuring their longevity within the organisation, and successful achievement of their targets.

To this end, we provide the following services:

  • Rigorous Candidate Evaluation & Assessment - We ensure candidates have the right personality, attributes & culture fit to enable both longevity & target achievement at their new organisation.
  • Post-Appointment Support - We engage with both clients & candidates, quarterly for the 1st year at 1, 3, 6 & 12 months, post-candidate commencement, to ensure that both parties feel the placement is proceeding productively. Should the candidate express concerns, these are discussed with the client to ensure they are rectified before insurmountable issues arise.

Capital Value Creation & Return on Investment (ROI)

We firmly believe that search fees should provide a significant Return on Investment (ROI) in line with any other business expenditure. Our ethos is that, for every dollar spent with us, the talented people we find will generate at least ten dollars worth of revenue or capital value creation. This ten-fold ROI multiple is the minimum that we achieve - at main board level, this multiple is substantially higher.

Investing in the right people is paramount to an organisation's success. Investing in the RIGHT search firm, to find those people in the first place, is no less important.

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Global Presence

Global Presence Business Man

Our reach is global. We activate search teams in the relevant countries, bringing an understanding of the local culture & business practises to our global presence, yet maintaining a single point of contact for our clients.

Highly successful international searches have included:

  • Senior Vice President - North America
  • Head of Asia-Pacific - Singapore
  • Managing Director - EMEA
  • Country Manager - Germany
  • Country Manager - Benelux
  • Managing Director - Europe
  • Senior European Management Team - New joint venture for 2 global corporations in Europe & Asia Pacific

Competitor Market Intelligence

During a rigorous & comprehensive search process, considerable valuable data is generated above & beyond candidates identified.

Our extensive market research & candidate discussions often yield information such as competitor salary data, new product launches, mergers & acquisitions activity, and competitor penetration into new geographic markets. If these discussions are confidential, they must remain so, but much of it often becomes open sector knowledge as the same information is revealed by multiple sources.

Most search firms waste this valuable data. We collate it and bring this invaluable market intelligence back to our clients, adding significant value above and beyond the immediate search assignment.

Abstract Economic Interface


We engaged with InterPersona to find a Senior VP for our North American Business. Not only did they find an outstanding candidate from a direct competitor but, to our surprise, they also engineered the opportunity to move several members of his senior management to us, as they surfaced additional outstanding candidates during the search. This gave us an immediate presence in the US & allowed us to accelerate our expansion strategy in the region by over 2 years.

Our experience with InterPersona has always been hugely positive, even with highly difficult & specialised searches. They have delivered beyond expectations every time we have engaged with them. Not only do they identify exceptional candidates, many of whom were not actively looking prior to being approached, they also provide us with invaluable market intelligence & salary data collected during their comprehensive search process.

We have worked with InterPersona for many years at both Board Level, & to appoint Divisional Heads & Country Managers. Their methodology is highly rigorous, and they keep us updated of progress on a regular basis, which allows an interactive approach to the search as candidates & renumeration data is surfaced. Most importantly, they always produce an outstanding list of highly qualified & vetted candidates, and we have never failed to appoint an exceptional individual from every single search they have conducted.

InterPersona were engaged after a failed assignment with another search firm for a critical appointment. Aware of the urgency, they allocated additional project teams to the search assignment & quickly produced an outstanding shortlist from which we made a very successful appointment. They are now our first port of call for all key appointments.

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